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Art Tutorials

I am gathering a list of useful online tutorials for digital artists to post on my soon-to-be renovated art site, so people have an easier time directing artists to a nice little archive instead of scrambling over Google to find it. (I feel bad responding to emails that ask me to teach them something, and I cant find a good resource to share with them) If any of you can raid your bookmarks and drown me in any kind of digital art tutorial (Photoshop, OpenCanvas, Painter, Illustrator, etc), it would be GREATLY appreciated. :)

Also, basic tutorials in art/lighting/design/etc would also rock. ^_^


General Digital Art Advice
Digital Inking
Art THEORY, a must read..!!
Fantasy realism, various media

Multiple Software Tutorial Resources - Baka Neko
Not personally fond of these tutorials, but they're very good for new artists. Covers a LOT of stuff, from basic proportions to lineart to 3 D modeling, etc.

Photoshop (Painting/Design)
Linda's gorgeous realism (fantasy inspired) tutorials.
General painting advice based on the artist's style, great advice, from flesh to fur rendering.
Very good color theory advice as well as a basic background tutorial for a Naruto fanart.
Mostly basic anime-style shading tutorials, also some random advice pages.

Adobe Illustrator/Vector (Art/Painting) - Clearly Pixelated
Anime vector artwork. Does not provide info on lineart, but it does contain info on great shading advice using Illustrator.
Very ghetto tutorial I did for a class (my teacher asked if I could come in) on tracing bitmapped art into vector lineart. - Vector Kid
:D Self explanatory.
Design and Painting Basics
Isometric Pixel Art
Cel-shading basics.
Dramatic architecture, MUST SEE :D

Font Design
Font lab message board.
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